Local Goods is a general store offering Portlanders practical, affordable locally made products. We are also concerned with sustainability so, many of the products are reused, recycled and biodegradable products. Most of the products at Local Goods are made in the Pacific Northwest with only a few exceptions that we have not been able to find locally (such as toilet paper made with recycled paper).

Founder, Polly Rask, has been trying to shop locally as much as possible for quite a while. This proved to be challenging at times, especially since she does not own a car. She thought, “there should be a store that carries a wide variety of locally made, sustainably produced goods. One that has your basic necessities plus, some fun stuff too.” So, she began researching and planning.

Finally, on September 11, 2009, Local Goods opened to the public. It started out small with room to grow. Polly says she thinks of the store as a living organism. Something that is constantly changing, evolving, growing. So, you will probably find new products every time you visit Local Goods.

Every dollar spent with a locally-owned, independent business triples its’ impact in the local economy because of the multiplier effect: dollars that come into local businesses recirculate to service providers, suppliers and employees who continue to spend those dollars, locally. Corporate chains send most of your money out of town.